New With Tags is Still Preowned!

I am not only an active seller, but an obsessed buyer on resale sites. Usually Poshmark, but sometimes eBay. I trust Poshmark more so I usually start there. As I was just scrolling through listings I felt the need to stop to write this post!

YOUR OLD CLOTHES ARE NOT WORTH RETAIL PRICES!! Oh em geeeee! Seriously people, I don’t care if you paid $58.50 plus tax for that blazer at the store. It’s now preowned! If I wanted to pay anything over half the retail price I would buy it directly from the store. Because then I would have a 90 day return policy!

I can hear you now, “But it still has tags on it! It’s brand new!” No it’s not. You’re not a wholesaler. You didn’t buy it directly from the manufacturer with the intention of a retail sale. Like it or not it’s preowned, it’s probably got some lint and dog fur on it, and possibly even fading!

I had this conversation with my mother a few months ago. My parents bought me a brand new violin when I was 12. I ended up taking chorus instead of orchestra in middle school, so it’s been sitting unopened in my parents house since then. It’s now 21 years old! It can go to a bar! Ha! The point is my parents paid $500 for it. They got a $500 (allegedly) discount on it because we had rented one for a year (personally I think this was a great sales ploy). So my mom argued with me that this violin retails for $1000 and that that’s what we would sell it for. NOOOOO that’s not how it works! It’s preowned even if it’s never been used!! Not to mention age. This goes for your clothes with tags on it. You’ve had it in your closet for 3 years. It’s aged. Fabric deteriorates just like anything else. Those old underwear with the elastic waist band that no longer stretches but actually expands and the pieces of elastic break? Yeah, perfect example!

When posting a preowned item age and condition need to be taken into consideration. I’m just saying it’s not worth retail. It’s only worth what someone will pay for it.


My Anthropologie Confusion

If you are anything like me you’ve heard the craze about the retail store Anthropologie, “Anthro” for those in the know. But if you’re like me, then you’ve been inside once or twice, looked at price tags, and left. But for most twenty something women, Anthropologie is one of the only stores they shop at. Their following is tremendous. Their clothing is highly desired and actually holds its value decently compared to other store brands like Target’s Mossimo or Merona (Don’t get me started about how Mossimo is a sell out and the first big purchase I made as a teenager was a Mossimo bikini from Nordstrom that cost me $100, but like I said don’t get me started). 

Anthropologie carries so many house brands and unique clothing lines that there are tons of blog posts that list the name, show a picture of the label, and identify it as an Anthro brand. Here’s a good one my real life friend and PFF (Posh Friend Forever) sent me to help since I don’t have a clue.

I hope this helps you if you find yourself in a similar pickle!