New With Tags is Still Preowned!

I am not only an active seller, but an obsessed buyer on resale sites. Usually Poshmark, but sometimes eBay. I trust Poshmark more so I usually start there. As I was just scrolling through listings I felt the need to stop to write this post!

YOUR OLD CLOTHES ARE NOT WORTH RETAIL PRICES!! Oh em geeeee! Seriously people, I don’t care if you paid $58.50 plus tax for that blazer at the store. It’s now preowned! If I wanted to pay anything over half the retail price I would buy it directly from the store. Because then I would have a 90 day return policy!

I can hear you now, “But it still has tags on it! It’s brand new!” No it’s not. You’re not a wholesaler. You didn’t buy it directly from the manufacturer with the intention of a retail sale. Like it or not it’s preowned, it’s probably got some lint and dog fur on it, and possibly even fading!

I had this conversation with my mother a few months ago. My parents bought me a brand new violin when I was 12. I ended up taking chorus instead of orchestra in middle school, so it’s been sitting unopened in my parents house since then. It’s now 21 years old! It can go to a bar! Ha! The point is my parents paid $500 for it. They got a $500 (allegedly) discount on it because we had rented one for a year (personally I think this was a great sales ploy). So my mom argued with me that this violin retails for $1000 and that that’s what we would sell it for. NOOOOO that’s not how it works! It’s preowned even if it’s never been used!! Not to mention age. This goes for your clothes with tags on it. You’ve had it in your closet for 3 years. It’s aged. Fabric deteriorates just like anything else. Those old underwear with the elastic waist band that no longer stretches but actually expands and the pieces of elastic break? Yeah, perfect example!

When posting a preowned item age and condition need to be taken into consideration. I’m just saying it’s not worth retail. It’s only worth what someone will pay for it.


It’s Been a While!

2 years have flown by!

It’s been 2 years since I last posted a new blog. I was a little busy you could say. I got a full time job, got engaged, planned a wedding, got married, and boom had a baby! You know, the usual!

I’ve been wanting to start blogging again. I even started a new blog that centers on my amazon reviews! After buying a million new baby items on amazon and reading reviews I learned about the amazon vine program. It’s now my goal to get that invite! I’ve raised (or lowered really) my amazon reviewer ranking from #400,000 something to #8,000 something! I’m super proud of this stupid accomplishment lol.

Anyway, I’m restarting my blogging journey here at my core. I’m now also Tommy’s mommy though! So I’ll be sharing more than just my Poshmark tips. I have so much to share about having a baby and how different it is after 8 years and with a different husband. I think a lot of moms will be able to relate and hopefully feel understood.

Can’t wait to share more!


Clothing Resale Tip: I Shaved My Pants. 

Boyfriend: So, what did you do this morning?

Me: I shaved my pants.

Huh? Yes you read that right! I shaved my pants! I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not crazy (ok maybe a little, just don’t ask my ex’s ok?).
I’ve been so busy with taking pictures, writing descriptions, posting listings, and shipping orders that I haven’t posted anything here lately. I realized that yesterday when I got my new business cards in. So this morning when I grabbed the first item in my “needs to be photographed” pile, I gave the pants a glance and saw some minor pilling. Normally, I would just add that in to the description of the item’s condition, but then I remembered something so cool that I had heard. Shave them. Lightbulb came on for “perfect new blog post” in my head. So here we go!

Step 1 Lint roller and Razor

Tools for shaving your clothing that is pilling

Gather your supplies.

You will need so much, just kidding it’s only 3 things!

  1. The clothing item that has pilling.
  2. A brand NEW, never used, disposable razor. Yes new. You don’t want soap, rust, or little hairs on your clothes. Yuck.
  3. A lint roller.
  4. Clean flat surface. Ok I know I said 3 things but does this count? Technically does the item count? Is it only 2 things?

Step 2

Lay the item, mine was a pair of pants, flat on the table.

Step 3

Lightly shave the fabric where you see the pilling (little gathered balls of fabric). Don’t be scared! Just start with light pressure and see how it goes, you can always add pressure if nothing is happening.

Step 4
Take your lint roller and clean off those pesky pills!

Step 5

Brag about how you made your pants look new again!

I hope this helps someone because it helped me! It’s actually pretty fun, and I felt good after. I know, it’s the little things!

Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t be Shopping: You Should be Poshing

1. Deep discount prices. You can literally pay $4 for a brand name pair of jeans. Don’t believe me? You can search and filter by ‘Sold’ and see what people are actually paying for things. Do you really need 4 more reasons?! 

2. You’re money is supporting people like you. Some of us are trying to make a living by reselling clothes (my hand is raised), others are stay at home moms trying to supplement their household incomes, and some are just trying to save up for a nice vacation. No matter the reason, your purchase helps women and men just like you, trying to pay the bills, instead of huge corporations trying to impress shareholders. 

3. You’re saving the planet. I’m guilty of this. You are over your life, so you start cleaning out your house. First stop is your closet and while you intend to donate your old clothes, at some point you’re sick of it all and throw them in the trash. They are off to the dump and will spend eternity in the landfill taking up space. I could go on and on about the carbon footprint you make by purchasing brand new clothes, but that would take a lot of research and I’m too lazy for that. 
4. You’re supporting the U.S. Postal Service. Um hello, remember when email came around and the Post Office almost went bankrupt?

5. You can stay in bed watching The Bachelor in Paradise. You don’t have to go anywhere! And the stores never close! 
Happy Poshing!


Poshmark’s Frugal Favorite

The ‘Offer’ button. Let’s talk about. I’ve read a lot of users complain about it. Obviously no one like a low baller. But do these users like sales? 
I personally LOVE the offer button. I started poshing after the offer button was introduced, so I don’t have any experience with using Poshmark without it. I’m a buyer almost as much as I am a seller on the app. Unless an item is $6 or under, I never hit the buy now button. I always make an offer. Depending on my current budget, if an item is listed at $25 I will offer anywhere between $15 and $20. If I offer $15 ($10 less than the listing price) I try to comment on the listing that I’m not trying to offend them with my offer, but that I love the item and that is what I can afford. I think it’s nice of me! I’ve only had a buyer do that for me one time. And even though I made $1.05 on the transaction, I accepted her offer because I understand! I’m usually broke, and when I’m feeling down my therapy is shopping (Yes I realize that I’m in a vicious cycle of feeling depressed, shopping, being broke, then being depressed because I’m broke. Thanks Mom). But getting something is exciting, can lift your spirits, and can make you feel beautiful! Also getting a great deal gives you a sort of high. 
So back to the offer button. As experienced Poshmark sellers, we know we will be getting low ball offers, and fair offers. We try to price accordingly. We add a few dollars to our listing price in anticipation of offers. Don’t get me wrong, the best feeling is to wake up to a full asking price sale! But don’t be afraid of offending a seller with a respectful offer of a few dollars less than their asking price. If they decline, you have the option of making another offer, or paying the list price. 

 – D

The Short Version

I started my resale journey on February 19, 2016. I’m about 5 months in and can’t even being to tell you how much I’ve learned. I started years ago selling things on Craigslist. I was mildly successful with selling big things from around the house. But I knew that clothing wouldn’t sell there. So after I lost my job in February, I started researching different sites. I’d been selling shoes sporadically on Tradesy for a few years. I’d sold a brand new wedding gown there. But it wasn’t a site that was very known. So I researched. In February I started with Totspot. Trevie had outgrown so much that my garage and his room were overflowing with boxes of old clothes. So I knew there was some money there. From Totspot I joined every other resale app that I could find. I was very reluctant to join Poshmark because it did not appeal to me. I thought it was for high end, designer clothing. Something I didn’t have and couldn’t afford to buy, even at used clothing prices. But I finally bit the bullet and signed up. Whoa. Life changing for me. 

I started posting everything I could find around my house to sell. I was listing on Poshmark, Totspot, Mercari, Tradesy, Vinted, eBay, OfferUp, and occasionally on Craigslist depending on the item.  

There is so much that has to be done for every single item that you list. It became much more than just snapping a picture and posting. 

In May, I got burnt out. I stopped posting anything, and if I had something sell I would cancel the sale because I did not even want to go through the process of wrapping, writing a thank you card, boxing it, and shipping. It was just too much for me at that point. 

I took a few weeks off, then in June I slowly started to Posh again. But that was it, and still is for the most part. I still occasionally post on Tradesy or Mercari depending on the item, but I’m staying focused on Poshmark and building my brand there. 

So why am I focused on Poshmark instead of one of the other sites that I was equally as successful on? Poshmark is a community. It’s a culture. I have made actual friends on there! It is women helping women. They are there when you get burnt out to tell you it’s ok. They are there when no one has bought anything all week to tell you it’s been a slow month for them too! We lift each other up and even pray for each other. No other resale site is remotely like this. 

If you are tempted to join one of these sites, but don’t know where to start, join Poshmark. You will gain so much by getting rid of your old stuff!

– D

My Anthropologie Confusion

If you are anything like me you’ve heard the craze about the retail store Anthropologie, “Anthro” for those in the know. But if you’re like me, then you’ve been inside once or twice, looked at price tags, and left. But for most twenty something women, Anthropologie is one of the only stores they shop at. Their following is tremendous. Their clothing is highly desired and actually holds its value decently compared to other store brands like Target’s Mossimo or Merona (Don’t get me started about how Mossimo is a sell out and the first big purchase I made as a teenager was a Mossimo bikini from Nordstrom that cost me $100, but like I said don’t get me started). 

Anthropologie carries so many house brands and unique clothing lines that there are tons of blog posts that list the name, show a picture of the label, and identify it as an Anthro brand. Here’s a good one my real life friend and PFF (Posh Friend Forever) sent me to help since I don’t have a clue.

I hope this helps you if you find yourself in a similar pickle! 

Ok, What is Poshmark?

The question that people (friends and family that see me self promoting on social media) ask me the most is:”Ok, what is this Poshmark thing?”

Here’s what I say:

Poshmark is an app that makes it easy for you to buy or sell your old clothes. All of the boxes that you’ve been saving for a garage sale? List them on Poshmark! You will make 10 times as much by listing individually, than selling at a garage sale for $1 each. Legitimately, Poshmark is a platform that people sell clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry to other people that are just like them. You can make Poshmark whatever you want to. My personal goal is to make it a profitable full time job. I work extremely hard day and night on it. Crazy right? But it doesn’t have to be. I could easily snap a picture of the jeans that I’ve never worn, and list them for $15 and never open the app again, until they sell. 

I’ll go into detail about my process, and about the basics of online resale, in another post. I just wanted to answer the “What is Poshmark?” question. 

Sharing is Caring

The two most important aspects of online resale apps, where your stuff actually ends up selling, are shares and followers. I’ll write about followers in a different post later. For now let’s talk about sharing.

On Poshmark there are two ways to have your listings shared. The first is self-shares, where obviously you go in and share your item. The second is to let other people do the work for you! How do you get others to share your stuff? By sharing theirs. It is Posh-etiquette to share someones listings if they have shared yours.


Share for share, so if they share 5 of your listings then you should share 5 of theirs. Once you are really rolling deep in Posh, it can be confusing of if you shared that persons listing first and the shares you get notified on are share backs, or if you have to share back. After a while everyone’s names and closets start to look the same!

Today’s Tips

  • Sell your listings faster by self-sharing 3 times a day morning, noon, and night.
  • Share your PFF’s and random Poshers listings and benefit from others doing the work.
  • Join share groups!!!