Poshmark’s Frugal Favorite

The ‘Offer’ button. Let’s talk about. I’ve read a lot of users complain about it. Obviously no one like a low baller. But do these users like sales? 
I personally LOVE the offer button. I started poshing after the offer button was introduced, so I don’t have any experience with using Poshmark without it. I’m a buyer almost as much as I am a seller on the app. Unless an item is $6 or under, I never hit the buy now button. I always make an offer. Depending on my current budget, if an item is listed at $25 I will offer anywhere between $15 and $20. If I offer $15 ($10 less than the listing price) I try to comment on the listing that I’m not trying to offend them with my offer, but that I love the item and that is what I can afford. I think it’s nice of me! I’ve only had a buyer do that for me one time. And even though I made $1.05 on the transaction, I accepted her offer because I understand! I’m usually broke, and when I’m feeling down my therapy is shopping (Yes I realize that I’m in a vicious cycle of feeling depressed, shopping, being broke, then being depressed because I’m broke. Thanks Mom). But getting something is exciting, can lift your spirits, and can make you feel beautiful! Also getting a great deal gives you a sort of high. 
So back to the offer button. As experienced Poshmark sellers, we know we will be getting low ball offers, and fair offers. We try to price accordingly. We add a few dollars to our listing price in anticipation of offers. Don’t get me wrong, the best feeling is to wake up to a full asking price sale! But don’t be afraid of offending a seller with a respectful offer of a few dollars less than their asking price. If they decline, you have the option of making another offer, or paying the list price. 

 – D

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