Ok, What is Poshmark?

The question that people (friends and family that see me self promoting on social media) ask me the most is:”Ok, what is this Poshmark thing?”

Here’s what I say:

Poshmark is an app that makes it easy for you to buy or sell your old clothes. All of the boxes that you’ve been saving for a garage sale? List them on Poshmark! You will make 10 times as much by listing individually, than selling at a garage sale for $1 each. Legitimately, Poshmark is a platform that people sell clothing, shoes, purses, and jewelry to other people that are just like them. You can make Poshmark whatever you want to. My personal goal is to make it a profitable full time job. I work extremely hard day and night on it. Crazy right? But it doesn’t have to be. I could easily snap a picture of the jeans that I’ve never worn, and list them for $15 and never open the app again, until they sell. 

I’ll go into detail about my process, and about the basics of online resale, in another post. I just wanted to answer the “What is Poshmark?” question. 

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