Sharing is Caring

The two most important aspects of online resale apps, where your stuff actually ends up selling, are shares and followers. I’ll write about followers in a different post later. For now let’s talk about sharing.

On Poshmark there are two ways to have your listings shared. The first is self-shares, where obviously you go in and share your item. The second is to let other people do the work for you! How do you get others to share your stuff? By sharing theirs. It is Posh-etiquette to share someones listings if they have shared yours.


Share for share, so if they share 5 of your listings then you should share 5 of theirs. Once you are really rolling deep in Posh, it can be confusing of if you shared that persons listing first and the shares you get notified on are share backs, or if you have to share back. After a while everyone’s names and closets start to look the same!

Today’s Tips

  • Sell your listings faster by self-sharing 3 times a day morning, noon, and night.
  • Share your PFF’s and random Poshers listings and benefit from others doing the work.
  • Join share groups!!!

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